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Incredibly knowledgeable and compassionate

“Incredibly knowledgeable and compassionate. Would highly recommend Scott, who was responsive and supportive during a difficult time.”

Dana, Criminal Defense Client, 9/16/2019

I recommend him to anyone who needs legal assistance!

“Scott Thompson is an amazing lawyer and was extremely helpful in assisting me with all the information and advising that I needed! Not only did he reply in a timely matter, but he always took the extra step to clarify and ensure that I was informed and understood. He is always prepared and goes the extra measure to make sure his clients are taken care of. I recommend him to anyone who needs legal assistance!”

Catherine, Criminal Defense Client, 8/6/2019

Consider Scott for your legal needs

“Very detailed, thorough, and pleasant person to deal with. It was a fairly simple matter but done with professionalism. Highly recommend you consider Scott for your legal needs.”

A. Martin, Family Law Client, 7/25/2019

Worth every penny

“I had been hesitant to hire an attorney, but all of my stress and anxiety was alleviated once Scott took on my case. After my first meeting with him I knew I was in good hands. I was amazed by his knowledge, professionalism, honesty and attention to detail. He was always available to answer my questions and give advice. He made every effort to be concise and accomplish matters in a timely fashion in order to keep things as cost-effective as possible.

“It was worth every penny knowing I could trust Scott to fight for my best interests. His compassion and understanding made a difficult time in my life a little easier to bear. Hiring Scott to represent me was the best decision I ever made and I can’t recommend him highly enough.”

M. Watson, Divorce Client, 6/4/2019

You should call Scott

“Having Scott handle my legal matter was the very best thing I could have happen to me in a very unpleasant situation. He is competent, intelligent, and an overall blessing. He informs you of your options every step of the way. I honestly cannot find the right words to convey how grateful I am to have had his expert assistance. If you want top notch representation, you should call Scott.”

D. Moore, Family Law Client, 6/4/2019

Scott dominated my case

“Scott dominated my case by advancing my position relentlessly with every move he made and every word he said. It was clear he has prodigious cognitive skills that enable him to stay on top of every detail and adapt immediately to changing circumstances. He commits, stays engaged, and shows that he cares.

“He exhibits total command of the relevant law. He is also affordable. Guys like Scott, who did law work for Goldman Sachs and others in lower Manhattan, are not supposed to be available to do family law in Austin at a reasonable rate. Scott is the exception to the phrase, ‘if it sounds too good to be true.’

“Hire him now, before your opponent does. He produces top-notch results very efficiently. Highly recommended.”

B. Murphy, Divorce Client, 3/19/2019

Scott is an amazing lawyer!

“Scott is an amazing lawyer! We are so happy with Scott’s work. He was able to help us with our case in the most professional manner. He is very respectful and knows how to get the job done in a timely fashion. He is very responsive to all emails and phone calls.”

Jessica, Family Law Client, 10/17/18

Dedicated, Prompt, & Professional; Scott Thompson!

“After being arrested on several counts, including a felony, I immediately contacted Scott Thompson. He is dedicated, hard working, and above all professional. Mr. Thompson always made himself available for face-to-face meetings and phone calls, and was able to answer any questions my family and I had in easy terms.

“His hard work ethic and dedication to my case made me feel as if I was his only client, and all his attention was directed towards helping me with the case. The case was resolved quickly, with two dismissed misdemeanors and I was never charged with a felony. If you’re in need of a criminal defense attorney, there is no one I could recommend more highly; on account of speed, trust, and professionalism than Mr. Scott Thompson.”

Anonymous, Criminal Defense Client, 9/6/18

Bright, Experienced, Efficient

“Scott helped me with my recent divorce, one of the most stressful experiences of my life. With him I navigated through the process with confidence and calm.

“He is knowledgeable and insightful, and could explain all the options before each stage and worked hard to give me enough time to prepare myself.

“He is very helpful and I’d recommend him for any family law matters.”

Andy, Divorce Client, 7/19/18

Excellent divorce representation

“Scott did a terrific job for me during a trying year of my life. He’s a compassionate advocate, worked quickly, and gave shrewd advice on how to keep my (relatively) amicable divorce from turning contentious. I’d recommend him to anyone.”

Anonymous, Divorce Client, 5/13/18

My Go To Lawyer!!!

“Scott and I crossed paths serendipitously – Not that I ever thought I would need a lawyer but life doesn’t always let you just tip-toe through the tulips – does it. ;-( So I consulted w/him on my little problem and knew instantly I wanted him on my side. Boy that choice was a good one.

“As long as he knows your ammo that you have (can even be hidden in vaults or memories) he is able to come out punching. Kept me out of court and the other lawyer never even knew what hit him – he (the other lawyer) did know not to go to court though that’s for sure. :)) I refer Scott to all my friends…even strangers.”

Malia, Family Law Client, 4/23/18


“Scott was an amazing lawyer!  I came in not knowing what to do or how to handle my situation.  But Scott was able to walk me through, step by step how we were gonna approach my case.

“And the end result was amazing, primary custody of my kiddos was my main goal and Scott was there to make sure we had everything ready to go in and win.

“I would highly recommend anyone needing an outstanding lawyer to get in touch with Scott Thompson.  Thanks for everything you did for me and my family!”

Jesus, Divorce Client, 4/16/18

Thanks to Mr. Scott Thompson, I have my life back and hope for the future

“As my attorney, Mr. Thompson did a wonderful job with the utmost professionalism.  He always remained calm and poised no matter the circumstance.

“I had lost all hope at one point, but Mr. Thompson assured me that he would help me and make things right.  Mr. Thompson is trustworthy and honest and has a way of looking at things with a very positive attitude.  He planned my case well, I never once doubted things that he told me, and I listened to him and followed his instructions.

“All is well and I have my life back and can now concentrate on my future with my wife.  I cannot thank him enough for what he did for me.  My only way to thank him is by telling all that Mr. Thompson works not only with his knowledge of the law but also works with his heart.  I would not hesitate to recommend Mr. Scott Thompson as an attorney and someone a person can trust.”

S.S., Criminal Defense Client, 4/13/18

Mr. Thompson is an absolute professional and an exceptional attorney

“I consider myself extremely fortunate have been represented by Scott Thompson.  Mr. Thompson is an absolute professional and an exceptional attorney.

“Throughout the course of his representation of me, he made sure I not only understood the process, but was part of it.  He was in constant communication with either myself or my family as things progressed.  He was patient in dealing with questions where I required clarification or simply reassurance.

“At no point did I question Mr. Thompson’s commitment to myself, my case, but most importantly, to justice.  This is something that is almost impossible to balance.  Somehow, I believe he accomplished just that.

“Mr. Thompson took the time to find out what he needed to know about me and my circumstances, that would allow him to thoroughly know the case in order to work it. A less common practice than one might think.

“In a situation where I wanted nothing but the best, Mr. Thompson absolutely gave his.  It was more than enough.  I would recommend him to anyone.  He is among the few in his class.”

Richard B., Criminal Defense Client, 3/15/18

Honesty and Integrity are what sets him apart from the rest

“Scott was a tremendous help in my divorce, he was very by the book.  His honesty and integrity are what sets him apart from the rest.”

Paula M., Divorce Client, 2/28/18

Grateful and appreciative

“I truly appreciate the fact that from consultation to verdict I was kept in the loop of everything in regards to my case.  I was given detailed explanations and answers to all of my questions through text and in person.

“The honesty and tactfulness displayed by Mr. Thompson made my situation a lot easier to deal with. I highly recommend the team of professionals at the CHA law firm.”

Anonymous, Criminal Defense Client, 9/17/17

I am 100% pleased…I highly recommend Mr. Scott Thompson.

“I need my post-marital agreement as soon as possible. And Scott provided the first draft in only 3 days and the final version in about a week. He is very professional, skillful, and drafted the agreement excellently. Besides he always responded to my questions quickly, patiently, and in detailed.

“He is really really helpful. I am 100% pleased with and thankful for his hard work and commitment. I highly recommend Mr. Scott Thompson.”

Xi, Family Law Client, 9/11/17

Mr Thompson is a caring and very skillful attorney

“I received a restraining order notice from my babys mother accusing me of physical abuse etc.  I was stunned and surprised, because none of these things never happened. I was scare and worried, because I knew right then that my babys mother was trying to kick me out of my sons life and even worse get me in trouble with the law just because our relationship was over. I talked to my family and friends and they all advice me to get a lawyer. So I went online checking for highly reviewed lawyers and I came across Cha Law Group. I went to the office on South Lamar Blvd and met Mr Thompson a criminal defense attorney.  I explained exactly what was going on between me and my babys mother. He sympathize with me not been able to see my son and also been accused of bad things. He asked me if I had evidence to discredit her story. I told him yes tons of them. Next day I brought him all my evidence against my ex [ threatening text ,insulting voice mail, physical damage to my apartment done by my ex, police report for the damage to my apartment, pictures etc. So Mr Thompson explained to me that since my case is a restraining order hearing it mighty go really fast and she needs little evidence to get the order permanent. He asked me to submit my evidence to my babys mother attorney so that she can get both sides of the story before the hearing. Once my babys mother attorney received my evidence she knew right away that she just wanted to hurt me for leaving her.

“This played a very great role on our hearing day because my babys mother and her attorney withdrew and dissmissed the lawsuit without prejudice. So we all came to an agreement with a parenting plan. It was a victory for my son, me and even my ex because a child needs both parents in his or her life. So I say thank you to Mr Thompson for your skillfull intervention and caring heart.”

Morlai, Family Law Client, 2/5/17

An excellent attorney

“I hired Scott Thompson to prepare a premarital agreement for my partner and myself and I was very pleased with his hard work and commitment to producing a document that respected both my wishes and those conveyed through my partner’s lawyer.  His grasp of legal matters large and small comes across in his attention to detail as well as his willingness to help clients grapple with the bigger picture that affects their case.  I recommend him highly for matters of family law.”

Anonymous, Family Law Client, 1/27/17

Couldn’t have asked for a better lawyer

“I needed my case settled as quick as possible so I could ship out for Basic and Mr. Thompson pushed me for haste as much as I pushed him. From the time of my arrest to when my case was settled, only 20 days had passed.

“His past as a prosecutor had the positive effect of knowing how to deal with them and result in my Class A being dismissed as well as my other charge being settled as soon as possible. Like I previously stated, I could not have asked for a better lawyer.

“I highly recommend Mr. Scott Thompson. I am extremely grateful and indebtted to him.”

Jared, Criminal Defense Client, 1/17/17