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Not every divorce is a fight to the bitter end.

Put your faith in an experienced Austin Divorce Mediator who can help you find the best solutions to one of life’s toughest situations. 

Although some divorces cannot be resolved without the stresses and expenses of courtrooms and judges, others can be mediated and resolved outside of court maturely and professionally with the guidance of an experienced Divorce Mediator. We offer sessions in both formal and informal office settings, as well as virtual teleconference meetings, helping to facilitate the best outcome for you and your spouse through the difficult process of ending a marriage, such as agreements on child custody and fairly dividing your assets and liabilities.

Wherever you need support, from mediation to negotiations to fighting for you in the courtroom, hire a lawyer you can trust at Thompson Law. Contact us today to book your consultation.

Reasons to consider Divorce Mediation

Apart from saving yourself the emotional turmoil of fighting out your divorce in court, some couples may consider ending their marriage through mediation for other reasons, such as cost, privacy, or the desire to control the outcome of your divorce case rather than handing over your family’s fate to the State court system. Whatever your reasons for considering mediation, we can help both parties reach a friendly and fair solution outside of court.

Who should not consider a divorce mediation

Mediation is a viable option for many separating couples, even those who previously have been unable to agree or get along, or who might have bad feelings about the separation or the other spouse. Our legal team at Thompson Law can help you decide if mediation is an appropriate service for you based on your individual needs and situation. We are fully experienced in family law and other traditional divorce services, which you may wish to consider if you have faced other difficulties in your marriage, such as: 

  • Domestic abuse (or fear thereof) inflicted against you, or your children.  
  • Your spouse has a history of being deceitful and untrustworthy, or you suspect they are hiding assets or debts from you.
  • You or your spouse are too angry or hurt to make reasonable agreements or sound financial decisions.
  • You or your spouse want your divorce to be granted on fault grounds, such as infidelity, cruelty, or abandonment.

Mediation makes the rest of your divorce easier 

Many mediations result in an “uncontested divorce”, which is usually a cost-effective and time-efficient process compared to litigated divorces through the State court system. 

An “uncontested divorce” means that the marriage is ended, all child-related issues are decided, and all property and debts are divided outside of court by agreement between the two spouses.  If your divorce has been contested, or you are unable to reach an agreement with the other party, then we can assist you through the difficult steps of a contested divorce, offering a tough but fair approach to fight for the outcome best for you. 




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The Mediation Process

Mediation is a popular option for many separating couples who wish to reach a quick and amicable agreement outside of the courtroom. At times, it is also used in more complex cases, sometimes by court order, to try to reach a resolution (or partial resolution) before a final divorce trial takes place. The process for mediation follows a simple structure that encourages both parties to share their wants and needs on a neutral playing field, by taking the following steps:
a comfortable setting

Depending on your situation and the relationship between divorcing spouses, we can take several approaches toward the mediation process to make you feel the most comfortable. These approaches may include an open discussion with both parties in one room or private break-out discussions with both parties separately to reach an understanding of individual goals and needs before starting group sessions. In some cases, mediation works best when the spouses never see one another, and the mediator serves as the go-between. As experienced divorce mediators, we can help to design the best mediation process for you.

Reaching an agreement

You and your spouse will each need to share information with the other about the assets and liabilities that need to be divided as part of the divorce process. The Divorce Mediator will not only help you design creative solutions to reach an agreement about the division of those assets and debts, but will also write up a settlement agreement based upon what you and your spouse discuss and agree upon during mediation. If you are unable to reach an agreement on specific issues, a State court judge will make those decisions after a hearing has taken place.

Completing the agreement

Once an agreement has been reached, our office will file the settlement agreement with the Court. The mediated settlement agreement is a legal document, and it is binding and enforceable just like any other contract or irrevocable agreement. Once a mediated settlement agreement is signed by all parties and filed with the Court, the general rule is that no one can later change their mind.

Let’s Find a Solution

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