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Family and Divorce Law

Austin, TX

Scott Thompson

Managing Attorney

Scott A. Thompson is the Managing Attorney at Thompson Law. Scott has represented hundreds of spouses and parents in divorce and family law cases. He’s also a divorced parent who understands what’s at stake for you.

Scott is a passionate advisor, confidant, and problem solver for people in difficult situations. His experience includes high-profile jury trials, complex asset divorces, family law cases involving the most serious criminal charges, and changing the law statewide to win a client’s case.

In 2008, Scott was recruited out of law school by a top global law firm in New York City where he learned from prominent national lawyers while serving elite business and banking clients. After relocating to Austin in 2015, Scott first served as a Texas criminal prosecutor before going into private practice as a family law and criminal defense attorney.

Scott A. Thompson

Experience In Your Corner

Thompson Law’s unique team approach gives you access to a bench of experts, each helping you through your legal case leveraging their specific expertise, and price point. This team approach is designed to give you better and more cost-efficient representation.

With its wealth of experience in the legal field, Thompson Law provides the knowledge and guidance you need if you’re facing a divorce, criminal charges, or a difficult or complex family issue. If you need a lawyer who will not only find creative resolutions but also fight with you every step of the way, contact our team at Thompson Law today.

Kleon C. Andreadis

Senior Counsel

Kleon C. Andreadis (“Clee-On”) is the firm’s Senior Of Counsel Attorney. He represents clients in divorce, family law, and criminal defense matters. Kleon is a highly-experienced trial attorney and negotiator, who has practiced law for more than 30 years.

Clients benefit from Kleon’s wisdom, steady guidance, and fearless approach. He has handled more than 150 jury trials and is one of a select group of Texas attorneys deemed qualified to represent clients facing the death penalty. The firm often calls upon Kleon to bridge the gap between family law and criminal issues.

Kleon spent 13 years in education before becoming an attorney, earning advanced degrees in psychology and education administration, teaching at New York City’s elite Dalton School, and serving as a principal in the Shaker Heights City School District, one of the top ten school districts in the nation at the time. In college, Kleon played Offensive Tackle and remains a football fan.

Kleon C. Andreadis

Andrea Evans

Senior Paralegal

Andrea Evans is one of the firm’s Senior Paralegals. Andrea began her paralegal career in 1998 and is Board Certified in both Family Law and Civil Trial Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization. Andrea is a Past-President of the Capital Area Paralegal Association (CAPA).

Andrea has deep knowledge of family law and how it’s practiced locally. She has prepared and helped to conduct hundreds of trials throughout her career. Her high-level involvement in each of her cases is cost-effective for clients, particularly in those involving complex asset disputes, high-conflict custody matters, and other difficult family law cases.

Andrea Evans

Janeah Ellis

Litigation Assistant

Janeah Ellis is the firm’s Litigation Assistant, and she has a background in Computer Science.

Janeah works closely in a supporting role with the firm’s attorneys and paralegals to ensure efficient navigation of the digital documents, files, and evidence necessary for the preparation and presentation of your case, and to support you throughout the process.

Andrea Evans

Kristin Wagenbaur

Director of Operations

Kristin Wagenbaur is the firm’s Director of Operations. Kristin is responsible for making each client’s experience a great one.

Before joining the firm, Kristin followed her passion for helping families into the healthcare industry where she applied her degree in Business Administration as the Executive Director of a top assisted living residence. Hundreds of Texas families have trusted Kristin with their loved ones. She’ll help yours too!

Kristin Wagenbaur

Let’s Find a Solution

Thompson Law is your advocate and ally. If you’re facing divorce, criminal charges, or any difficult family law situation, Thompson Law is ready to achieve your best outcome.