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Tough in negotiations, tough in the courtroom.

The legal system is set up to protect us all. But sometimes the processes designed to protect us do not work effectively or run smoothly. Innocent people get arrested. Damages from criminal charges can be tougher than the crime. When it’s all on the line, you need a tough criminal defense lawyer to fight for you and share your side of the story.

If you need support in the courtroom, hire a lawyer you can trust at Thompson Law. Contact us today to book your consultation.

What a criminal defense lawyer can do for you

Criminal defense attorneys research the facts, investigate the case against you, negotiate with the prosecution, and take your case to trial if need be. Our goal is to provide a less impactful outcome for clients by dismissing cases, reducing charges, and winning not guilty verdicts at trial.

Here is how we can work for you:

  • We start by evaluating the charges and evidence against you to give you a realistic evaluation of your case and determine the best approach for your success.
  • Depending on the case and how it has progressed, we may be able to stop charges from being filed by providing evidence and witness statements to combat claims made by the police or an alleged victim.
  • Advise you of the pros and cons, including possible outcomes of each defense strategy.
  • Guide you through all aspects of your criminal case, from the processes that take place to the emotional challenges you may face.
  • Educate you on the laws that apply to you and your case.
  • Represent you in the courtroom, negotiating with prosecutors for dismissed or reduced charges and creative or alternative options.
  • Gather evidence and identify important witnesses to support your case, such as locating and hiring expert witnesses or hiring private investigators if necessary.



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Choose a former prosecutor to represent you

The firm’s Managing Attorney, Scott A. Thompson, is a former criminal prosecutor with the State of Texas, providing a unique insight into the prosecution’s role, processes, and motivations. The firm’s Senior Of Counsel Attorney, Kleon C. Andreadis, is one of a select group of Texas attorneys deemed qualified to represent people charged with Capital Murder and facing the death penalty.

Experience has proven to us that our clients know their cases better than anyone else, so we work with you in every step of building a legal defense. This means that we work directly with you and witnesses to gather evidence and tell your side of the story. We will negotiate for dismissal or significantly reduced charges while also preparing to fight in court if necessary.

We’ll Fight For You In Court

If negotiations are unsuccessful, we escalate our approach in the courtroom, applying tougher and more aggressive tactics to defend you in court. In criminal defense cases, an experienced lawyer can help tell your story and help the judge and prosecutors to see you as a person and not another number to charge.

Our Practice Areas

Thompson Law attorneys have decades of experience helping people facing criminal law charges across the US and the State of Texas. We work with both minor offenses and the most severe felonies. We fight to dismiss or reduce charges and secure “not guilty” verdicts at trial. Here are some areas we commonly practice in:


  • Theft
  • Fraud
  • Robbery

Alcohol & Drugs

  • Possession of Controlled Substance (POCS)
  • Possession of Dangerous Drug (PODD)
  • Driving While Intoxicated (DWI)
  • Public Intoxication (PI)


  • Family Violence
  • Assault Crimes
  • Manslaughter
  • Murder

Incredibly knowledgeable and compassionate

“Incredibly knowledgeable and compassionate. Would highly recommend Scott, who was responsive and supportive during a difficult time.”

Dana, Criminal Defense Client, 9/16/2019


Honesty and Integrity are what sets him apart from the rest

“Scott was a tremendous help in my divorce, he was very by the book.  His honesty and integrity are what sets him apart from the rest.”

Paula M., Divorce Client, 2/28/18

Consider Scott for your legal needs

“Very detailed, thorough, and pleasant person to deal with. It was a fairly simple matter but done with professionalism. Highly recommend you consider Scott for your legal needs.”

A. Martin, Family Law Client, 7/25/2019

Let’s Find a Solution

Thompson Law is your advocate and ally. If you’re facing divorce, criminal charges, or any difficult family law situation, Thompson Law is ready to achieve your best outcome.