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Family is vitally important but often problematic, and family law issues are common. At Thompson Law, we work with couples and parents to find effective solutions to address legal issues and family law problems facing Austin couples, parents, and families.

Wherever you need support, from mediation to negotiations, to fighting for you in the courtroom, hire a lawyer you can trust at Thompson Law. Contact us today to book your consultation.

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Family law cases range from challenging problems in court such as divorce, child custody, support issues,  visitation, and child support; to negotiated matters such as prenuptial agreements; to handling administrative matters such as name changes. The Thompson Law legal team understands the impact family law issues can have on you, your relationships, and your family and children. This is why we not only help you to solve legal problems, but also to help alleviate stress for you along the way.

If you’re looking for help with a Family Law issue, we cover a wide range of Family Law legal areas:

  • Divorce
  • Child Custody, Visitation and Child Support
  • Parental rights, such as medical and educational decision-making authority
  • Child Medical Support and Other Child Expenses
  • Suits Affecting the Parent Child Relationship
  • Suits to Modify the Parent Child Relationship or to modify another prior court order
  • Enforcing a prior divorce decree or other existing court order
  • Prenuptial Agreements and Postnuptial Agreements  
  • Termination of Birth-Parent Rights and Step-Parent Adoptions
  • Name Changes

We offer clients a variety of strategies and approaches to address their Family Law problems based on individual needs and desired outcomes. From amicable mediation sessions to tough negotiations, to fights in the courtroom, protect your family with experienced lawyers who understand the complex dynamics of family and financial life.



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Types of Support We Can Offer in Divorce Cases

How a family law expert can help you

An experienced Family Law attorney can help to save you time, reduce stress, and work to achieve your desired Family Law outcome. Here are some of the most common Family Law issues our clients face, and Thompson Law is here to help you with these Family Law services:

Divorce and Separation

We offer Divorce Attorney and Divorce Mediation services to our clients facing the life-changing events of separation and divorce. Other areas of family law, such as child custody, parental rights, child support, geographical restrictions, prenuptial agreements, name changes, and spousal maintenance may also be covered during a divorce case, and we represent clients dealing with those family law issues outside of the divorce context too.

Child Custody, Visitation and Child Support

A family lawyer can help you navigate complex and emotionally-difficult child custody and visitation issues, ensuring that your child’s wellbeing is put at the forefront of any legal processes. Thompson Law has decades of experience fighting for parents in family law cases. A family law attorney can also help with complicated child support issues, such as non-payment, increasing (or decreasing) support due to changed circumstances, or modifying support due to a change in child custody and visitation.

Parental Rights and Decision-Making

When parents separate or divorce, each parent will be given certain rights and duties. Some of these are fundamental, such as the parental duty to provide the basic necessities of life such as food, clothing and financial support. Other rights are more often the subject of disagreement between parents, such as educational or medical decision-making, or child counseling and therapy. In Family Law cases involving children, it must be determined how parents will share these rights. For example, one parent may have the exclusive right to make decisions of this type, or they may be exercised by agreement of both parents only, in which case the parents will need to decide how disagreements will be resolved. An experienced Family Law attorney can help you think through and make informed decisions about important issues affecting your children.

Child Medical Support and Other Child-Related Expenses

Whenever child support is ordered, child medical support and child dental support will almost always be ordered as well. Most commonly, though by no means always, the parent who pays child support will also pay Child Medical Support by either carrying and paying for the child’s or children’s monthly health insurance premiums, or by reimbursing the other parent for them. The same is true for dental insurance and the payment of the child’s monthly dental insurance premiums. A Texas court will not typically order a parent to pay any other child-related expenses beyond child support, child medical support and child dental support for a child who is not disabled, for example. That said, the Court has authority to order one parent to pay more, toward private school tuition for example, depending upon the unique circumstances of each family and family law case.

Suit Affecting the Parent-Child Relationship (SAPCR)

A Suit Affecting the Parent-Child Relationship, more commonly known as a SAPCR, is a lawsuit typically, though not always, brought by one parent against another parent to establish each parent’s respective rights on issues such as custody, visitation, child support, medical support, and dental support for a child. The parents’ property is not divided in a SAPCR lawsuit, though a SAPCR can involve financial issues such as child support, medical and dental support, and child-related tax issues. 

SAPCR lawsuits often involve parents who were never married to one another, and who do not have formal, child-related “rules” in place because there was never a divorce court order; instead, the parents simply separated. A primary reason to file a SAPCR lawsuit is that failing to have court-ordered, child-related rules to govern the co-parenting relationship can often lead to situations where one parent dictates those “rules” to the other parent, or one parent doesn’t seem to follow any rules at all, or one parent doesn’t provide sufficient support, or one parent wants to move out of state with the child, or a host of other possible issues.

Suit to Modify the Parent-Child Relationship (SAPCR Mod)

A Suit to Modify the Parent-Child Relationship, also known as a SAPCR Mod, is very similar to a SAPCR lawsuit. A SAPCR Mod is a lawsuit typically, though not always, brought by one parent against the other parent to somehow change each parent’s respective rights on issues such as custody, visitation, child support, medical support, dental support, or child-related tax issues. The parents’ property is not divided in a SAPCR Mod lawsuit, though issues such as child support, medical and dental support, child extracurricular activity or college or university expenses, as well as child-related tax issues, can play issues in SAPCR Mod cases. SAPCR Mod lawsuits most often involve parents who have a prior court order for child custody, visitation and support, typically from a prior divorce or a prior SAPCR court order, and at least one parent believes that prior order needs to be modified in one way or another.

Enforcement Actions

An enforcement action is the legal process of enforcing the provisions of a prior court order relating to issues such as child support, medical support, dental support, or the division of property contained in the court order after a divorce. When a former spouse or co-parent fails to follow the terms of an existing court order, such as a prior divorce decree or a prior SAPCR or SAPCR Mod order, then one parent will often file an enforcement action against the other parent in an effort to incentivize (or force) their compliance. The process to follow depends on which portion of the prior court order that parent is seeking to enforce. For example, an enforcement lawsuit seeking to recoup unpaid, court-ordered child support has different legal requirements and procedures from a lawsuit seeking to enforce the division of property contained in a Final Decree of Divorce. 

Spousal Maintenance (like Alimony)

After separation from your spouse, but before divorce, one spouse may be entitled to receive (or required to pay) interim spousal support while a divorce case is ongoing. A spouse may also be required to pay (or entitled to receive) spousal maintenance after divorce. The grounds for post-divorce spousal maintenance payments of this type are often due to one spouse’s physical or mental disability and inability to work, or domestic violence during the marriage, for example. Spousal maintenance, which is paid from one ex-spouse to another ex-spouse after divorce (like alimony) is either agreed upon between the parties or it is ordered by the Court. For legal assistance determining whether you or your spouse may be eligible to pay (or receive) either interim spousal support during a divorce case or post-divorce spousal maintenance after divorce, as well as calculating what those amounts might be, contact Thompson Law’s family lawyers to guide you through the process.

Name Change

You may require a name change for a variety of reasons, such as adoption or after the end of a marriage. The process can be complicated and requires filing paperwork with the courts. A family lawyer can file paperwork on your behalf and represent you in court if necessary. 

Prenuptial and Postnuptial Agreements

A prenuptial or postnuptial agreement can provide financial, tax, and inheritance protections and planning opportunities for anyone who is, or who is about to be, married. The prenup contract will define how assets and liabilities are owned and controlled during the marriage (and by whom), as well as how those assets and liabilities will be handled when the marriage ends by death or divorce. A postnuptial agreement provides the same protections and opportunities for couples who are already married.

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Support outside of the courtroom

Some family issues do not require our clients to attend court hearings or attend lengthy sessions to use our services. Many times, clients can attend court hearings and mediations from the comfort of their homes and offices. We work closely with you to provide confidence, stability, and to alleviate stress for you and your family during this difficult process. 

If you’re considering hiring legal assistance on a family law issue, contact our professional team today to arrange a time to discuss your options and find the best outcome for you.

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