Amicable if possible, aggressive if necessary.

I’ve been divorced, so I understand the process as well as the emotions involved.  I will be your ally and advocate, providing stability and confidence throughout the process of ending your marriage and starting something new.

If going to court is the best way to achieve your goals, I’m an experienced trial lawyer.  I not only handle divorces, but criminal and CPS cases too.  Some of these cases involve the worst imaginable allegations, including murder.  A lawyer who doesn’t fear the courtroom can make all the difference in a divorce trial, as well as outside of court through tough but fair negotiations.

If you’re thinking about divorce and concerned about protecting your children or property, hire a lawyer you trust.  I’m a proud father and experienced divorce lawyer, with a strong background outside of family law that includes tax, finance and real estate.  Most importantly, I want to help.

Amicable if Possible

I take pride that most divorces I handle are resolved outside of court by agreement, often through mediation.  Agreement is faster, less expensive, and less painful than going to court, but it’s not always possible.

Aggressive if Necessary

If your rights, property or children are under threat, I will fight for you in court. Sometimes the courtroom is the best (or only) way to achieve your goals.


“…the end result was amazing, primary custody of my kiddos was my main goal”

Jesus Divorce Client


Divorce Considerations


Uncontested Divorces are settled outside court when you and your spouse can agree. Contested Divorces are resolved in court when agreement can’t be reached.


Mediation allows you and your spouse to minimize costs, save time, and control the terms of your divorce.  Learn more about mediation to see if it’s right for you.