My Spouse Just Asked For A Divorce; What Do I Do?

Sep 30, 2022 | Divorce

My Spouse Just Asked For A Divorce; What Do I Do?


When a spouse asks for a divorce, it’s critical to stay level-headed and focus on what you should do next. This is undoubtedly tough to do. You may feel shocked, confused, angry, or even unsure of how to react. It is okay to slow down, and it may be best to take some time before reacting. Thompson Law is here for you, and we’ve been there for hundreds of people with their divorce. 


Take The Right First Steps


When your spouse asks for a divorce, it is important to take the right next steps. While every situation is different, it is best to focus on acting in your own best interest. It is possible to be both firm and respectful, and that’s often the best approach. Knowing when to be firm and when to be accommodating is critical.


Choose the right team. Find an attorney who you feel comfortable with and confident about. You will be working with this person and their team on highly personal matters, so it’s critical that you feel a positive connection with your divorce lawyer. You will also be trusting them with the future of your financial life, as well as your relationship with your children, which is a really big deal. Find a lawyer who knows what they’re doing and shows that they care.


Prioritize Your Own Health And Well-Being


Your team might include more than divorce attorneys, however. During this time, taking care of yourself and prioritizing your health and wellness is more important than ever. You also might want to think about seeking counseling, therapy, or coaching, as a divorce is often the most challenging situation a person faces in their life. A great divorce lawyer is underqualified and too expensive to be your therapist.


Family and friends are often happy to help during the divorce process, whether that’s financial or emotional support. Many people do not want to burden those they love, however. Do not fret. Divorce is one of those rare times when family and friends often rise to the occasion, providing unique support that a lawyer, therapist, or other professional never could. So, make time for what you enjoy, such as a hobby or spending time with family or friends. 


Focus On Realistic Outcomes


If your spouse has asked for a divorce, you will want to focus on realistic outcomes. There may be specific outcomes that you hope for, whether they be related to child custody, child support, a family home or business, stock options, or the division of other financial assets and liabilities. While it is okay to have priorities, it is healthy to be realistic about this process. To achieve these outcomes, the right process and the right strategy are critical. While some divorces end up being costly, drawn out, and may require proceedings in the courtroom, this does not always need to be the case.


Try For An Amicable Divorce


An amicable divorce does not only mean that the process is civil. It also means that both parties act in good faith and show a willingness to compromise. In order to divorce outside of the courtroom, you and your spouse will need to identify and agree upon a resolution of all child and property-related issues. Ideally, through an amicable divorce, you can avoid a long courtroom battle and otherwise unnecessary emotional and financial expenses in many Texas divorces. 


In some cases, attorneys representing each spouse can reach a negotiated settlement outside of the courtroom without too much difficulty or back-and-forth. In other cases, the spouses are able to reach agreements between themselves, and the lawyer is only needed to walk that agreement through the court system. Sometimes, however, spouses are able to agree on many but not all issues, and those couples often turn to the mediation process where both parties use a mutually-selected, impartial mediator to break any deadlocks. This party acts neutral to assist both parties in resolving all differences and details, and an experienced divorce attorney can help you to achieve your best mediation outcome.


When an amicable divorce is unrealistic or proves impossible after trying, an aggressive courtroom attorney is needed to protect your rights and interests in the face of unreasonableness or bad conduct by the other party.


How Thompson Law Can Help


When your spouse asks for a divorce, it can be one of the most difficult moments of your entire life. Unfortunately, there may be little that you can do to save the marriage, but your next actions can dictate the outcome of the situation and, potentially, you and your family’s future. In most situations, it makes sense to talk to an attorney and discuss your options. Thompson Law is here for you, and we are ready to help. Ideally, Thompson Law can help you have an amicable divorce and even offer mediation services. Every situation will be different. When a divorce is on your horizon, Thompson Law will review your situation and represent you if it is in your best interest. If you are ready to take the next step, call us today.

Amicable when possible, aggressive if necessary.

Everyone’s situation is unique. Some people need a facilitator, some people need a negotiator, and some people need a tough trial lawyer to go to court. I let my clients know the different paths available to them based upon their situation, and work with them to design a unique strategy and tactics to meet their goals and objectives.

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