West Lake Hills Contested Divorce Procedure

Finding the right West Lake Hills family law lawyers during your time of need can help not only to alleviate stress, but even provide stability and confidence. Family law conflicts can be very tough to deal with, and that’s why Thompson Law is standing by, ready to guide you through the process and advise you each step of the way.

Scott Thompson, the Managing Attorney at Thompson Law, is a compassionate family law attorney in West Lake Hills TX that can provide savvy legal insight as you navigate any of a wide range of cases — from divorce and child custody or child support cases to jury trial cases where the State of Texas is trying to terminate a client’s parental rights (“death penalty cases of civil law” as they’re known), and more.

You deserve a West Lake Hills divorce lawyer who understands that this is probably an emotionally difficult time in your life. Many of our clients come to us feeling beaten down:

  • Emotionally: Family law conflicts often involve the people who are closest to you. Naturally, these conflicts can spark intense emotions, from anger to sadness, depression, anxiety and more. With Scott Thompson as your West Lake Hills divorce attorney, we will help you make strategic, level-headed decisions throughout your case at a time when emotions are want to hold sway. We get it, and we’re here to help.
  • Financially: Our West Lake Hills TX family law firm also understands that divorce and family law conflicts can put your wealth and assets in jeopardy. Thompson Law does not want to add to your financial strain. Scott Thompson is a family law lawyer in West Lake Hills TX that goes all out to provide positive client experiences and great results at competitive rates.

Thompson Law endeavors to rank among the leading West Lake Hills family law lawyers by giving your case the close personal attention it deserves at rates that are within reach. It is our goal to promote your best interests in every decision we make.


A family law attorney in West Lake Hills TX that isn’t afraid to fight — when necessary

Family law attorneys in West Lake Hills TX cannot reach a settlement outside of court in every family law or divorce case. Scott Thompson aims to resolve divorces and family law conflicts outside of court when a settlement offer is more favorable than the likely outcome of going to court. However, when a favorable settlement can’t be reached, Thompson Law is ready to go to trial. We don’t back down, and we answer only to you.

Learn more about what our West Lake Hills family law lawyer has to offer by connecting with the team at Thompson Law.