Travis County Family Law Divorce Lawyers

You and your Travis County family law lawyer should form a working relationship based on trust, respect and common interest – you. Here at Thompson Law, we value your time, your money, and the goals you hire us to achieve. It is our goal to reflect those values in the way that that we approach each client’s family law case.

We want to be highly effective for the clients we take on, which is why we’re selective of which cases we accept. If we have already reached the maximum number of clients we can deliver for at any one time, then we will kindly refer you to another skilled Austin divorce lawyer. In this way, we can best serve our clients by ensuring that every client’s family law case gets the attention it deserves.


A Travis County divorce lawyer who gets you

A strong attorney-client relationship is key to success in a divorce case, because you’re both the client and the star witness. If you’re looking for a divorce lawyer in Travis County, make sure that your Travis County divorce attorney understands you and your goals.

At Thompson Law, we start off by consulting with a potential client to learn about him or her and give him or her the opportunity to learn about us. During an initial consultation, we also take the time to learn what an ideal outcome looks like to a potential client and to educate a potential client by explaining the law and by explaining how his or her case might play out in a courtroom or in a settlement outside of court.

The goal at Thompson Law is to be a family law firm in Travis County that delivers on its promises, achieves great outcomes for clients, and that provides the legal education and frequent updates necessary to empower clients to take on active roles in the preparation and prosecution of their divorce cases.


Our family law lawyer in Travis County deals with many different types of cases

It’s important to work with Travis County family law lawyers that have experience in a wide variety of family law conflicts and cases, such as divorce, property division, child custody, child support, spousal support, prenuptial agreements and more. For example, a divorce attorney with experience drafting prenups may have a significant advantage in a divorce involving a prenup. The overlaps are many, and an Travis County family law attorney with experience handling a broad range of family law cases could make all the difference in your case.

When you make Thompson Law your family law attorney in Travis County, you are putting a seasoned negotiator and trial attorney in your legal corner. Settling your divorce outside of court is great when you and your spouse can agree on every issue. When that’s not the case, Thompson Law is not afraid to take your fight to the courtroom if necessary.

Put Thompson Law at the top of your list of Travis County family law lawyers by connecting with us now.