South Austin Contested Divorce Procedure

The South Austin contested divorce procedure can be confusing, and men and women trying to take it on themselves can commit costly mistakes. That’s why we encourage you to connect with the right South Austin contested divorce attorney to approach the situation head-on.

The team at Thompson Law serves men and women who are going through a divorce. Many divorces can be resolved in a friendly manner, moving through the legal system smoothly and efficiently. In other cases, conflicts arise when spouses can’t reach an agreement on key issues, such as children, property or a family business.

The contested divorce process in South Austin can be a test of your emotions and patience. In an effort to reach the outcome you want, Thompson Law will work with you to develop a legal strategy designed to meet your unique needs, and utilize our experience and talent to put that legal strategy to work for you.


We don’t shy away from a fight — and we value compromise

The contested divorce procedure in South Austin really is a balancing act, and a contested divorce lawyer in South Austin must balance between taking aggressive action when necessary and compromising when possible.  Working together, we will analyze each issue and area of conflict in your divorce case, and design and implement a strategy that balances:

  • Compromise: Many men and women go into a divorce not wanting to compromise with their spouse — they feel like it is a sign of weakness. But, that’s not always the case. By picking your battles and compromising on certain issues, you are able to shorten the South Austin contested divorce procedure so it doesn’t drag on longer than necessary.
  • Standing our ground: Compromise isn’t always an option — stand your ground on issues that you feel strongly about. In these cases, we will hold firm and make sure that your best interests are represented. If you anticipate that your divorce will be a hotly contested one, Thompson Law is ready to go to trial if necessary to protect you, your finances, and your family.

Our ultimate goal is to reach an outcome that meets each client’s unique needs and goals — one that starts you off on the right foot.


Need help with the South Austin contested divorce process?

Consult a contested divorce lawyer in South Austin before taking on daunting legal matters yourself. Turn to Thompson Law to guide you through the South Austin contested divorce procedure.