Austin Family Law Divorce Lawyers

When you are facing legal conflicts with members of your own family, you need to work with Austin family law lawyers that will fiercely defend you and your legal rights. Too often during a divorce or other family law conflict, a person is bullied by their spouse (or even opposing legal professionals), and that person eventually comes out on the losing end of their divorce or family law case.

As your family law attorney in Austin TX, Thompson Law will not let that happen. With our knowledge and experience, we’re ready to back you up and fight for you in a divorce or any of the wide range of family law conflicts that can arise.


An Austin divorce lawyer that is focused on results

Of course, there are no Austin divorce attorneys that can make guarantees about the outcome of your case — there are no guarantees when it comes to the legal system. However, you can maximize the chances of reaching a successful outcome in your case by choosing the the right family law firm in Austin TX for you.

At Thompson Law, you can expect a family law lawyer in Austin TX with a strong track record of success, partly due to being:

  • Tough in negotiations. We’re not going to back down from pressure by the opposing side (or anyone). We know the law, we’ll work together to learn your goals, and we will fight to help you achieve those goals using our knowledge of the law.
  • Fearless in the courtroom. We are not afraid to go to court and battle issues in the courtroom. Austin family law attorneys must be able to resolve cases through settlement outside the courtroom, as well as fight them in the courtroom when necessary. We are experienced and confident in the courtroom.

As your Austin family law lawyer, Thompson Law can provide you with peace of mind during an incredibly stressful period of time.. We’ll help you make strategic decisions and manage risk, finding that balance between compromise and fighting for what you want and deserve.


Looking for a family law attorney in Austin TX?

Put Thompson Law in your corner and reap the benefits of a proven, experienced Austin family law lawyer.