Austin Contested Divorce Procedure

Let us guide you through the contested divorce procedure in Austin TX

Gain expert navigation through the Austin contested divorce procedure with the help of Thompson Law. Our team works with men and women who are facing a divorce and need legal guidance to emerge from a divorce on solid footing.

The contested divorce process in Austin TX can be taxing on your emotions. Divorces become contested when divorcing spouses cannot agree on all issues that must be decided in a divorce, including issues related to property and children, if any, making the contested divorce process an especially difficult process.

As your Austin contested divorce attorney, it is the job of Thompson Law to help make your contested divorce as efficient and painless as possible, even when there are areas of disagreement and contention.

As we guide you through the contested divorce procedure in Austin TX, Thompson Law always aims to be respectful of your:

Time: In some contested divorce cases, a divorce can drag on for months or even years. We want to help you get through the Austin contested divorce process quickly, but also while protecting the things you hold near and dear. We want you to emerge from divorce in the best possible position for moving on in a new and positive direction.

Money: We’re not going to lie — the longer a divorce case goes on, the more expenses you will incur, such as legal fees for a contested divorce attorney in Austin TX. Divorce is expensive, and contested divorces are typically the most expensive type of divorce. Thompson Law wants to help you preserve as many financial resources as possible in a contested divorce by working closely with you to design a unique legal strategy that meets your budget and needs.

Emotions: The Austin contested divorce procedure can be a messy one — many men and women find themselves feeling hurt, angry and anxious. The team at Thompson Law provides compassionate advocacy and connections to a wide variety of resources to help you work through these emotions and find success in your case.

Take on the contested divorce process in Austin TX with Thompson Law

Our team would love to hear from you if you are facing a contested divorce and need help navigating the Austin contested divorce procedure. We are confident that Thompson Law can help.

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